Barcelona Trading Ideas

Barcelona Trading Ideas, S.L. is a company located in Barcelona and Hong Kong.

After more than 15 years working in several companies in Marketing, Sales, Sourcing, Logistics and Finance, it is the time to be an entrepreneur!

BTI was launched on February 8, 2013, just 94 years after my grandmother’s birth!

My grandmother Pilar was a fighter and survived to Franco coup d’Etat in 1936-1939 and the Spanish Civil War, got married and had 6 children (2 of them died very young).

Every time I would like to complain about daily life, I remember my grandmother Pilar and I shut up.

Since 2013 we have been dealing with several projects, whether in Europe, LATAM, Africa or Asia.

In Barcelona Trading Ideas, S.L. we are great fans of globalization, whether you are active importing or exporting your goods and services.

All our consultants have extensive experience in the private sector, in Marketing & Sales & Sourcing departments. Hiring BTI people will push your company intelligence and increase your sales worldwide dramatically.

2. Financial advisor

One of the reasons of BTI existence is to have time for living.

From 0 we were able to invest savings in a proper way to get financial freedom!

Would you need / require financial planning & advise, we have a very easy fee for you

to be considered: 0.10% per month of the capital to be advised (1.2% per year)

Contact us, do not leave you money sleeping, you can live from your investments, as we already do!


3. Barcelona Trading Ideas, S.L. is dealing with iddle apartments, refurbishing them and putting them in the market, for tourists & investors.

Real Property in Spain is a real opportunity to invest in, with prices as low as 2.000 EUR per square meter in downtown Barcelona.

Added to that, Spanish laws gives you the opportunity as an investor to become Spanish / European resident, if investing more than 500.000 EUR in real estate.

For obtaining your Golden Visa, we advise you to contacting our partner, Balcells Group

Once you are the new happy owner of real estate in Barcelona, we can help you choosing the right suppliers to completely refurbishing your apartment(s).

Would you be interested in getting good returns from your investment, we can manage your apartment(s) for you. Just keep in touch!  Ecusson Immobilier is our partner for real estate in France

Would you be interested in visiting and/or investing in Europe, we are your partner. We can organize your next holidays, tailor-made for you, all over Europe.

Would you be interested in having your son or daughter studying in Barcelona, we can help too.

4. BTI is a licensing agency for European graphic designers, illustrators & photographers, interested in being represented for the Asian market.

Since Dalí, Miró or Picasso, Barcelona has plenty of artists, designers, architects & creative people.

For more information, check

Some of the best schools for Design & Art are located in Barcelona, just have a look! Would your children be interested in studying Art & Design in Barcelona, we can help. ELISAVA School for Design & Engineering MASSANA School for Art & Design BAU School for Design EINA Schools for Design & Art


BTI is offering tailor-made European designs to Asian manufacturers, in order to ensure better sales & improving profits.

BTI is acting as Art Director, defining the collection of designs (campaign) from the beginning and receiving details about the client, product, target audience and requirements.

Together with the creative directors and account managers, BTI will be commissioning graphic designers, photographers & artists according to customer’s requirements.

In some cases, BTI will be acting as Art Curator, organizing art exhibitions together with its portfolio of licensed artists, to promote them not just as designers but trying to reach the Art market.

Would you be interested in investing in Catalan designers & artists, we are doing so and we can help you choosing right!

Some examples of Catalan artists we are invested in:




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